Summer makeup tips – for all occasions

Summer makeup tips – for all occasions
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Summer seasons are bright and cheerful apart for the sweat, heat and sun burns. But you cannot let the warm weather be a hindrance in any of your occasions and lifestyle. You have to find a way to work, have fun and go out in the summer seasons like all other season. And a woman without makeup is an incomplete women hence you have to apply makeup before going out on all occasions, some events you apply a bit of more makeup and in some events a little less makeup is more than enough.

There are thousands of ways through which you can enjoy summer days and nights wearing make which is suited for summer. You will find numerous websites offering really easy and effective summer makeup tips where you will find the perfect makeup solution you need for your office or a day out in the sun or any evening or night occasions such as date, dinner, clubbing and even during your weekend beach trips.

Beach summer makeup guidelines

Before you are going to the beach to play some ball or just relax with your friends or loved ones follow few easy and simple summer makeup tips which is highly recommended to make you look radiant and chic. Apply generous amount of sunscreen cream or lotion with a comparatively high amount of SPF in it all over your body specially your face after washing your face thoroughly with a good quality face wash. Sunscreen creams is a must and apply it before fifteen to twenty minutes before heading out in the beach.

It is useless to put on sunscreen cream or lotion right before going to the beach as then the cream or lotion will not be effective and you will be tanned even after applying sun lotion on yourself. After sun lotion you can opt for the bare or nude summer makeup look which is a no makeup look. People who will see you will think that you are not wearing any makeup. Just use a concealer to hide the dark spots, pimple marks, dark circles on your face and smudge it in such a way it looks natural.

Use your finger to put the concealer on your face as it will help you to even out its effect on your face without concentrating on a single area. It is better to leave out eye makeup but if you want to go for any summer makeup for the eyes use light kohl pencil. Put a lip gloss or lip color with SPF in it so that your lips are protected.

Night makeup and office summer makeup

For night go for a summer makeup with a light foundation which will give your face a matte look along with some compact powder which will help you to sweat less. Use light shades of purple, pink, green and blue in case you are thinking about eyeshadows and do up your eyes with liquid eyeliner for bold look. Light lip shades will look adorable and radiant. For office go for nude shades of brown, maroon, beige and do not forget to use sunscreen lotion.