would you do ths 4 urr super bowl party just need help peez?

would you do ths 4 urr super bowl party just need help peez?

would you do ths 4 urr super bowl party just need help peez?

hand out jerseys with ther (or your ) team on it and make food bets , ( if the steelers win everyone has to buy me a bag of jerky)

speaking of jerky , serve some , and make this , put sprite in a punch bowl with hawaian punch and ice cream or put little ice cupes in that are dyed with your teams color

have nachos , and barbacue , in your back yard make a designated , *after game* section and lock the doors , tell the guests that if their team lost , you feel bad and want to give them something , take them to the area and pour one of those gatorade things on them

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jerseys sound like it could be fun, but pouring gatorade on your friends seems a bit extreme, it depends if they would think it is a funny joke.

well it dpeends how they would handle the pouring gatorade, and where ur at cause in some places itll be freezing out if your in a place where its warm in the winter than sure. but the other stuff seems great=]

I agree with the first two answers.

Indian name = Runs with scissors Says:

i like the first 2 answers and the arty sounds awsome. Also have them buy u something diffrent because jerky is kinda ecpensive just do something else. food bets sound fun you should also do a pool http://www. howcast. com/videos/117211-How-To-Organize-a-Pool-For-the-Big-Football-Game

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