natural health dog book

natural health dog book

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Ear infections Q: I have recently switched to scoopable scat liter. i notice that my cat that is strickly an indoor cat has an ear infection. i have been treating her with an ear miticide and have seen no results. i also have noticed that she always has litter stuck inbetween her toes. could the infection be from the litter?
A: Possibly but needs vet exam otoscopic exam of ear canal and discharge for proper diagnosis and treatment

Arthritis Q: I have a 13 year old pomeranian. in the mornings he seems to be hesitant getting up and he will cry and yelp for a minute, he then walks around and will be fine the rest of the day. he weighs less than 10lbs. what would be good daily treatment? thank you; carol esposito
A: I would try supplement like glycoflex from 1800petmeds as well as extra antioxidant nutrients added to his diet like vitamin e at dose of 100iu daily as well as proanthocyandins from health fodo store at dose of 10 mg twice daily in addition to vitamin c in form of ester c at dose of 250 mg twice daily. if perssts after a few weeks, then see your vet for prescription meds.
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Skin care Q: Hello doctor, i have an eight week old puppy and we have had her almost two weeks. when we got her i immediately bathed and fed her. i wes feeding her pedigree soft food, now i am feeding her iams hard puppy food. i use a hartz shampoo, but she still scratches. recently i have noticed scabs and/or bumps? can you plese tell me what is wrong. the vet that i took her to, did not perform a skin test, but said that it could be dry skin. please help me.
A: She should have a skin scrape at vet to make sure no demodectic or sarcoptic mange. also exam of hairs with special light to make sure not a fungus. food allergy is also possible. try bathing with 1800petmeds aloe vera and oatmeal shampoo and conditioner every few days and see vet if persists.
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Lyme complications Q: My 8 yr old shep/husky/aussie/golden mix was diagnosed with lyme last year. we have had him vaccinated against it for 4 years, but apparently he contracted it prior to his treatments. he seems to be in more discomfort in colder weather with regards to his stiffness and lameness. is there anything i can do short of meds to help him? he dislikes taking meds and i''d rather save my pill techniques till he really needs antibiotics again. we live in the mountains of nh so we have quite a bit of snow (which he loves to play in, but pays for later on) and it gets really cold. any advice? thanks.
A: Try adding good joint supplement to his food such as super joint enhancer or glycoflex iii from 1800petmeds. you should also know that most vet schools including university of penn(leading research institutute in my opinion on lyme disease) as well as cornell dont recommend lyme vaccination because of concerns about safety and efficacy
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Heartworm Q: I have two small dogs who the vet sates has heartworms. one is a cocker 4 years old, the other mixed 10 yrs. old same size. they state treatment will run approx. $375.00 per animal. finances are tight, is there any home medications that can be gotten? is this terminal to a point of one, two, three years or never really harm the dog. will a preventive heartworm med stop the process.
A: No one can predict how long dogs will take to become symptomatic from adult heartworms. it is ok to use monthly preventtives in these dogs as this will cut down on adult heartworm reproduction and kill immature stages but wont kill the adults already there

Cannot get rid of fleas Q: My cat is a long hair cat and we keep him clipped in the summer because he gets so hot, also we have a chihuahua and we cannot get rid of the fleas. we have spray the carpet and the furniture, we have treated the yard, and we have used frontline and advantage both on the cat and dog, but they are still having fleas. is there an internal medications that we can give them on a monthly basis to see if that will work? despirate!
A: You can use program which is given by mouth once a month. you can also give capstar tablets once a day to kill adult fleas.
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Optimmune Q: I cuurently use this expensive medicine for my shih tzu''s eyes. in doing some research on your sight i was wondering about some cheaper alternatives to this medicine. i have found a product called eye clear and terramycin. can either or both of these be used instead of optimmune with the same results? or could i at least alternate medicines to save money with the same results as optimmune?
A: Optimmune (cylcosporine) is used in the treatment of "dry eyes". terramycin is not an alternate. liquitears (sku 1620) may be helpful. however, you need to apply the drops frequently during the day.

Feline - multiple problems Q: I have a 12 yr. old, full bred, chocolate point, siamese cat. she has several medical problems, including: runny eyes, stuffed up nose, painful sneezing with a light pink mucus discharge, open mouth breathing, and coughing spasms that sometimes border on what look like she''s going into convulsions. i''ve taken her to 4 vets thus far and no one seems to be able to decide on a diagnosis or the appopriate treatment. i feel so bad for her that she''s in this condition, and i don''t know what to do to help her. i have used clavamox in the past, which has cleared up the problems temporarily, but they always return. this has been going on for 2+ years. one vet said she had a nasal infection, another told me it was a herpes virus, another said she could have a brain tumor, and another said it was allergies and asthma. i''m so confused! her symptoms have been consistent throughout the entire time. if one clears up they all seem to. if one comes back, they all return. can you please get back to me and decipher all of this conflictual information - and give me a diagnosis and treatment approach. i would appreciate it... and so would my cat. i am willing to do whatever is necessary to help her overcome this problem. thank you. (by the way, you should also know that we have another cat in the house, a seal point siamese, who has never contracted any of this despite the fact that he shares the same bedding, food bowls, and litter box with her. )
A: If you wish to pursue further diagnostics i would see a vet specialist or internist to sort through this. likely allergic/asthmatic based given breed and signs you say, etc, but need to see directly. also i would consider holistic vet consult in a pet this age as cortisone treatments likely only thing you will get out of conventional workups unless brain tumor found, etc

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