I wasn’t born with the best

I wasn’t born with the best

I wasn’t born with the best genes,not the worst either. I had my cholesterol tested for the first time when I was 36 years old. It was almost 300, very high, like my Dads. I was thin, an exercise junkie, meditated daily and, with the exception of cheese, ate a pretty low cholesterol diet. I don’t tolerate statins or niacin (perhaps n


ot such a bad thing in retrospect). My LDL was never cooperative and I check it a lot because that is what I do part-time, check people’s cholesterol levels. My LDL was always above 165, until I read the China Study and started following a vegan diet.

No more snickers bars when hiking, or frozen yogurt at TCBY. I cut out the chicken too. In fact, I cut out almost ALL food that doesn’t come from a plant, with the exception of fish and egg whites. When I eat out, I order salads, soups or fish with no dressings or sauces. At home, I even make my own almond milk.

Here are the amazing results!

Cholesterol 262 to 214

LDL 168 to N/A (too low to measure)

HDL no change (it is always good)

Triglycerides 135 to <45

ratio 4.4 to ”too low to measure”

My bowels work so well, I no longer have to take the digestive enzymes my M.D. prescribed because my bowels went from normal to almost not moving after I had my gallbladder out.

The results are amazing and oh my gosh, there are so many great recipes on the internet that adhere to this diet. We definitely have more delicious and interesting meals at home than before this diet change.

Doing a vegan diet isn’t for everyone and, like every strict diet, one must make sure one gets enough vitamins etc. But, if you have having digestive problems or trouble lowering your cholesterol or problems managing your blood sugar, I highly recommend trying this diet for at least one month.